Tax and credit – Credit for working abroad

Mortgage market and real estate market Seemingly this may be an absurd topic for many readers. There was once a so-called interest relief that allowed interest to be deducted from a mortgage loan purchased on the primary market. Thus, the purchase of real estate and crediting it with mortgage money allowed to effectively reduce the tax […]

We help you find a private loan!

Borrowers increase your chances of getting a loan granted. If you are looking for a loan you can increase your chances of finding a lender if you have a co-borrower . If you want to find a unsecured private loan with a co-borrower, you can choose one from the list below. Click on a lender […]

Compare to save money

  Maybe you have already used an online comparator to buy insurance, credit, book a holiday or buy a mobile plan. This is very likely, according to a recent study published by Good Finance, which explains that price and service comparators are the most used FinTech service by the French. Understand how an online comparator […]

Ways to improve your credit after bankruptcy

It is a reality that is not easy to live with every day, that of going bankrupt. You have late payments but you are not ready to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Know that with good discipline and time: things will return to normal. It is possible to continue to live […]

Quick loan despite payment note

Quick Loan Despite Payment Note is a loan for those who have payment notes already but need a quick loan. It is never fun to end up in a financial predicament and especially not if you have any complaints before. Apply for a quick loan despite a payment note and get money for what you […]

Who borrows money

The average resident of Croatia is owed about USD 67,000. These figures are not surprising given that the average salary is about five and a half thousand dollar and the consumer basket exceeds six thousand dollar. It is no wonder, therefore, that more than 300,000 blocked Croatian citizens whose debt reaches a dizzying figure of […]

Is it possible to borrow without fixed income? | Loans

Is there any chance to borrow money without fixed income? Definitely! Sure, you can get loans without a permanent job thanks to players like Freedom Finance and others. Lenders like these offer a flexible overall assessment of credit risk. Loans without fixed income do not therefore have to be an obstacle, although it is of […]