Compare to save money

  Maybe you have already used an online comparator to buy insurance, credit, book a holiday or buy a mobile plan. This is very likely, according to a recent study published by Good Finance, which explains that price and service comparators are the most used FinTech service by the French. Understand how an online comparator […]

Who borrows money

The average resident of Croatia is owed about USD 67,000. These figures are not surprising given that the average salary is about five and a half thousand dollar and the consumer basket exceeds six thousand dollar. It is no wonder, therefore, that more than 300,000 blocked Croatian citizens whose debt reaches a dizzying figure of […]

Is it possible to borrow without fixed income? | Loans

Is there any chance to borrow money without fixed income? Definitely! Sure, you can get loans without a permanent job thanks to players like Freedom Finance and others. Lenders like these offer a flexible overall assessment of credit risk. Loans without fixed income do not therefore have to be an obstacle, although it is of […]

Can you borrow only 5000 dollars? – Loans

 It gives you extra money quickly. Before applying for a loan of USD 5000, you should always check the rules of the relevant lending institution and what they have set up. The requirements may look a little different, but often you have to have a certain annual income, have a certain age, have a permanent […]